November 2012 Minutes




PRESENT: Mrs K Aldworth, Miss L Crawford, Mr M Hendrick, Mr M Hayter (Chair), Mrs J Morrow, Mr M Osborne, Mr A Peters, Mr J Prosser, Mr R Wyatt

1 Member of the public (Mrs P Rose) and PCSO Luke White


Apologies were received from Mrs J Bremner (previous engagement); Mr R Love (personal); Col G Brierley (previous engagement).


The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

  1. In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda;

  2. On gifts greater than £25 in value – there were no declarations of gifts of greater than £25 in value.


PCSO Luke White updated the Council on recent crime in Charmouth which is very low. He mentioned that the School are still concerned about the safety of children due to parking on double yellow lines outside the school gates. DCC have been asked to undertake more patrols at the start and end of school but due to resources are unable to commit. The speeds travelled in Lower Sea Lane was also discussed with the possibility of having the SID located their instead of the entrance to the village. However at £500 per site, it is unlikely. Mrs Rose stated that often when cars are parked, this slows traffic down.

Luke also mentioned that the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset is Martin Underhill, an ex-Policeman.


It was proposed by Mr Peters, seconded by Mr Prosser and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 16 October 2012 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


There were no matters arising.

169/12 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 6 November 2012)

1. Following comments from Chris Pamplin regarding the changes to the Fossil Walks Code of Practice, it was proposed by Mrs Morrow, seconded by Mr Peters and

RESOLVED that the Code be amended to say maximum of 30 children to leader with the exception of school parties, who have staff to meet the staff to pupil ratio figures, as well as amending the 2.5 hours either side of high tide to 3 hours either side.



2. Mrs Morrow reported that she and Mrs Bremner are to meet with Chris Graves of WDDC regarding the car park machine on Friday.

3. Winch training had taken place for staff and there would be a further session in the Spring for boat owners. A solar panel is suggested for the long term charging of the batteries and Mr Peters is to look at Maplins. A battery charger would be purchased in the meantime to ensure a trickle charge through the winter.

4. Mr Peters reported that he is unable to attend the Coast Forum meeting on 27 November.

5. Mr Hendrick reported that a meeting is required regarding the Pathfinder Project for the Council to decide the way forward. 4 copies of the report were circulated to all Councillors to read prior to a meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 18 December, prior to the next Full Council meeting.

6. Rock Follies has asked if they could sell a small quantity of handmade Christmas Cards. It was confirmed that this does not contravene any of the exclusive selling rights.

7. Since the Committee meeting a letter had been received from CHCC regarding several issues:

  1. The need for a large sign on the metal work to indicate the existence of the Centre – designs were considered and it was agreed that the design incorporating an ammonite symbol was favourite to be made from wood and not erected until after the metalwork porch has been refurbished.

  2. The hinges on the windows in the education room are the responsibility of the Council and would be replaced in house.

  3. With regard to the proposal to bury the oil tank following several thefts, it was felt that this was quite complicated and would require a survey due to pipes etc leading from the toilets. It was suggested that either a metal fence be erected around the tank or a cage be built incorporating a theft proof lock. Seadown had installed effective measures following gas canister theft and it was suggested that CHCC speak to Mark Osborne to see these measures.


  1. Mr Peters asked if the goals had arrived and been erected. Mr Hayter confirmed that they had arrived but not been erected due to the inclement weather.

  1. Linda Crawford asked if anything had moved forward with the bike track and Mr Peters confirmed that also due to the weather this had not moved any further. However, he did confirmed that the price was dependant on the number of jumps but would not be above the agreed amount.

171/12 PLANNING COMMITTEE (No meeting held)

The following had been received:

  • Approval of Planning Permission 1/D/12/001331 – Gull House, Higher Sea Lane

Remove existing lean-to and garage. Construct new study and garage.

  • Approval of amendment 1/D/12/000743 – 11 Hammonds Mead

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of new detached dwelling – refers to slate colour and proposed external balustrade

  • Grant of non-material amendment NMA/12/00065 – 1/D/10/001259 Garden Cottage, The Street – Raise the height of the eaves by 0.55 metres, alter the pitch of the garage roof and reduce the overall ridge height by 0.2 metres




Balance at Bank as of 31.10.12 43160.85

Business Deposit Account 159791.36

(Represented by: Working 39509.74

Contingency 2271.73

Earmarked Reserve) 118009.89

Income for October 12486.83

Expenditure for October 34131.19


HMRC (PAYE) 1106.44

Cowling Agriculture 4740.00

RBL Poppy Appeal 60.00

Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd 550.07

Mole Avon Trading Ltd 81.35

Creative Solutions 43.20

A J Supplies 65.05

Garry Pitcher Locksmith 90.00

Mark Wickenden 333.09

Morgans of Charmouth Ltd 31.70

Lyreco UK Ltd 11.89

Prospect Garage 250.34

C W Groves and Son Ltd 42.48

C B Potts 295.32

Talk Talk Business 24.73

M & S White 65.00

Axminster Power Tools 80.10


It was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Mrs Morrow and

RESOLVED that the accounts totalling £7870.76 be approved for payment.

174/12 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 13 November 2012)

  1. Wages expenditure for October 2012 amounting to £4034.46 was noted.

  1. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for October 2012, it was proposed by Mr Hendrick, seconded by Mr Wyatt and

RESOLVED that the October 2012 accounts be accepted.

  1. Following receipt of letters from local youth groups to receive a donation from the overflow car park charity fund, it was proposed by Mr Hendrick, seconded by Miss Crawford and

RESOLVED that the following donations be allocated from the fund which stands at £1860.36:

CHCC Young Wardens £160 as requested to purchase 20 snorkelling sets

1 st Charmouth Scout Group £300 towards camping equipment as specified 3/9


1 st Charmouth Guides £300 towards travel costs of attending event in Bournemouth

1 st Charmouth Brownies £300 towards pantomime trip

Bopper Bus £300 towards running costs for 2012/13

In addition, it was proposed by Mrs Morrow, seconded by Mr Osborne and

RESOLVED that the following donation be made from the non-youth fund standing at £400:

Charmouth Village People Committee (Village Breakfast) - £100 towards general running costs.

  1. A letter from Friends of Charmouth Library seeking payment of the insurance for the building of the new Charmouth Central was received which amounted to £951.29. As this is well within the £2000 previously allowed for the insurance, the Friends are wondering if the Council would consider also meeting the cost of the “one off” legal fees for the transfer of the freehold up to the total of £2000. It was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Mr Wyatt and

RESOLVED that the insurance of £951.29 be paid as previously agreed and that when the legal costs are known the Council will consider this issue separately.

  1. Following quotes received from Ben Potts to carry out various electrical work at the Depot, it was confirmed that the high amount to install a strip light over the work bench also included a double socket which was not listed. It was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Mrs Aldworth and

RESOLVED that all the quotes from Ben Potts amounting to £469.20 plus VAT be accepted to be taken from the Earmarked Reserve H for the Depot.

  1. Following discussions previously regarding the damp problem in the Conference Room, four quotes had been sought with three being received. The quote from O’Brien Roofing to remove the chimneys is not feasible due to the disapproval of the Planners to undertake this. Therefore, the two remaining quotes were considered and it was proposed by Mr Hayter, seconded by Mrs Morrow and

RESOLVED that the quote from Mac Building to undertake remedial re-pointing and silicone sealing to the affected areas be tried in the first instance. This amounts to £705 plus VAT.

  1. Following the concern that the Elms Windows had not been commenced, a letter was sent but in the meantime, Keeley Windows came and started. This work is now completed although in the process they did damage an alarm sensor belonging to the Surgery which required an engineer to be called out. Therefore an invoice will be forthcoming which will have to be forwarded to Keeleys.


Following an e-mail from DAPTC it became clear that in line with the Localism Act, anyone with a disclosable interest relating to property or land in the parish would need to seek a dispensation to be able to discuss and vote regarding the Precept. The Clerk reported that dispensation forms had been received for all Councillors relating to this issue and therefore it was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Mr Hayter and 4/9


RESOLVED that the dispensation be granted to all Councillors to enable them to discuss and vote on the precept requirement until May 2015.


  1. Mr Prosser highlighted the issue raised in the Finance Minutes relating to a briefing from NALC regarding precept setting, and confirmed that although the budgets and precept can be agreed today, this would be subject to the Chancellor not capping Parish Precepts in his Autumn Statement which is due on 5 December. Should this happen the Council reserves the right to reconsider the budgets in December and amend accordingly to avoid a referendum.

  1. Regarding beach hut charges for 2013/14, it was proposed by Mrs Aldworth, seconded by Mr Hendrick and

RESOLVED that beach hut charges be increased by 3% rounded up as set out in the budget sheets.

  1. Concerning all other Foreshore charges, it was proposed by Mr Peters, seconded by Mrs Morrow and

RESOLVED that for 2013/14 all other Foreshore charges would remain as for 2012/13.

  1. In relation to Cemetery charges, it was proposed by Mr Peters, seconded by Miss Crawford and

RESOLVED that Cemetery charges for 2013/14 be increased as set out in the budget sheets.

  1. It was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Mrs Morrow and

RESOLVED that Conference Room charges remain as per 2012/13.

  1. With regard to the income and expenditure budgets for 2013/14 overall, it was proposed by Mr Peters, seconded by Mrs Aldworth and

RESOLVED that the budgets for 2013/14 as set out be agreed in principle subject to no capping of Parish Precepts in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement due in December.

  1. Bearing in mind that the precept has remained the same for several years, it was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Mr Wyatt and

RESOLVED that, subject to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, the precept should rise by 7% from £35000 to £37500 for 2013/14. WDDC would be informed that this is the proposed amount but if capping of Parish Precepts is announced it will be reconsidered in December.

  1. Regarding the making up of the shortfall between the income and expenditure budgets, it was proposed by Mr Hendrick, seconded by Mr Peters and



RESOLVED that the Foreseen Financial Expenditure/Income to 31/3/13 be accepted and the projected surplus of be used to top up the 2013/14 budgets as set out to the sum of £11070.42.


Jane Bremner was not present but Mr Hayter reminded Council that he was still intending to request the final costs for the changes to the coach parking at St Andrews Car Park.


Col Brierley was not present.


  1. The minutes of the last Traders minutes have been received together with an e-mail from Phil Tritton regarding various issues which they require a response from the Council on. This was read to Council and the points answered as follows:

    • The Council were unaware of the setting up of a Tourism Sub-Committee or a Tourism rep and it was thought that this may refer to the Guide reprint.

    • A long discussion took place on the request for £50 per month towards the PR Company to promote Charmouth. Mr Hayter reminded Council that there is no budgeted figure for this project. Miss Crawford felt that before the Council could justify this expenditure, the amount of hits to the website would have to be evaluated to show that the work is having an impact. Mr Osborne reported that with three large caravan parks in the village, Charmouth is promoted countrywide through Tourist Information Centres etc. Mrs Aldworth commented that they had already engaged the services of this company and asked the Council for money afterwards. Mrs Morrow would like to see the Council supporting the Traders who have had a very bad year and Mr Wyatt suggested perhaps less money could be contributed. It was agreed to consider this at the same time as the Guide reprint in January. In the meantime, Mr Peters and Mrs Morrow to find out more information.

    • With regard to the reprinting of the Charmouth Guide, it was agreed to discuss this fully in January.

    • The Council generally felt that signage is fairly good with the black finger posts on the corner of Lower Sea Lane and the large brown signs under the Lower Sea Lane name plate signs. Andy Peters would speak to Gill from the Post Office again about having a sign regarding the attractions at the Playing Field on the side of their shop and the idea of a village map on Braggs Corners similar to the one at the beach was suggested. This also would be discussed fully in January in conjunction with the other issues.

  1. Details of the Christmas Refuse and Recycling Collection arrangements have been received and will be displayed.

  1. Details of the Jurassic Coast Communities Forum meeting to be held on 14 December from 10am – 1pm at Bridport Town Hall have been received and RSVP required by 7 December – Reminder at Foreshore Committee.

  1. Details of the Bridport Local Area Partnership meeting to be held on 29 November have been received.



  1. A notice has been received from DAPTC Western Area expressing concerns at the lack of attendance at their meetings and reasons why people should attend. This has been passed to Jane Morrow and Andy Peters as reps.

  1. Information has been received from Eventy about an event being run by the South West Coast Path Association called “Great South West Walk – putting 40 years of love back into the Coast Path!”. This was forwarded to Shoreline to raise awareness locally.

  2. Dorset Coast Forum E-News has been received and is available to read.

  1. Information has been received from BLAP about the Dorset Flood Fair which was held in Dorchester on 3 November. Mike Whatmore attended as Flood Warden.

  1. The Full Register of Electors from October 2012 has been received.

  1. Various information has been received from DAPTC including two circulars, Autumn Newsletter and Annual Report – all is available to read.

  1. Chalk and Cheese Newsletters for Sept/Oct 2012 and November 2012 have been received and are available to read.

  1. Dorset Countryside News for November/December 2012 has been received and is available to read.

  1. Report on Project Road Performance has been received from Connect A30/A35 Ltd for the 12 month period to the end of March 2012. This is available to read.

  1. CPRE’s Dorset Review Magazine for Autumn and Countryside Voice for Winter 2012 have been received and are both available to read.


  1. Each Councillor was given an A5 diary for 2013 to use for Council appointments.

  1. Following the break in meetings in February last year as a trial, the Council discussed whether this should happen again. It was felt that this was generally a good idea and it was proposed by Mr Prosser, seconded by Miss Crawford and

RESOLVED that no formal meeting programme be held in February but if required a special meeting would be called. In addition, cheques would be signed by the Chair and Vice Chair and reported fully in March.

  1. A complaint had been received from Colin Bowditch regarding the large potholes in the privately owned part of Barrs Lane to the north of the Playing Field main gate. It was felt that although this belongs to the Calder family, the majority of vehicle use are Playing Field users and as such the Council has a responsibility to try and rectify the problem. Mr Hayter undertook to speak to Mr Calder to try and move this forward.

  1. With regard to whether we should have a Christmas drink after the December meeting, Mr Hayter asked Councillors to think about this over the next couple of weeks.

  1. Linda Crawford undertook to write a press release to cover the charity donations and the winch but could not guarantee that it will be printed! Mr Hayter stated that he was pleased that we do not make the front cover of the newspaper every week!



  1. Mr Wyatt expressed his concern that following the large amount of money spent by Wessex Water on the scheme to alleviate the sewerage flooding below Riverway, this does not appear to be working. Mr Osborne reported that recovery after flooding is better and they have made modifications and installing monitors but agreed that it is still happening. A letter would be sent from the Council to Bruce McAuslane at Wessex Water expressing the concerns for the village.

  1. Mr Peters stated that he would be attending the DAPTC Western Area meeting in Bridport at the end of the month but as previously stated could not attend the Coast Forum meeting.

  1. Mrs Morrow and Mr Peters are meeting with the Staff about the dog policy on Thursday morning.

  1. Mrs Morrow mentioned that she had met a Char Valley Parish Councillor socially who is very concerned about the state of the River Char and the slurry spill which occurred in the summer. Mrs Morrow would speak to Char Valley PC to find out more about how the Councils could work together.

  1. Mrs Morrow asked about the bus changes and the lack of late evening services from Bridport west. The Clerk stated that the change of timetable issue had been reported in the correspondence last month.

It was proposed by Mr Wyatt, seconded by Mr Peters and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.


The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.