Special August 2017


PRESENT: Cllrs. Peter Noel (Chair), Richard Acton, Graham Bender, Judy Fellingham, Paul Oatway, Martin Sayers, and Judith Sheppard.

296.17 Public questions, comments or representations (limited to half an hour)

Mr. Barry Coleman, on behalf of the Trustees of the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, addressed the Parish Council with a request that they be allowed to install a CCTV system within the Heritage Centre. He stated that a security review had been held following various criminal incidents affecting the Heritage Centre. The Wardens believed the installation of CCTV camera system would provide a better deterrent. He also stated that he had been in touch with Ms. Debbie Oldfield at Dorset Business Crime Prevention Advice Centre and she is coming to review the Heritage Centre on Thursday 24th August.

The installation would comprise of only three cameras: one camera (Camera 1 in the attached drawing) located above the window behind the main desk focusing on the shop area and the till; one camera (Camera 2) in the front porch pointing at the two front entrance doors and the steps leading up and a third camera (Camera 3) on the gutter board above the back entrance focusing down on the door and ramp. Any exterior camera would obviously be subject to the corrosive weather elements. The Wardens have a belief that placing a camera outside might well provide more of a deterrent factor. An alternative location for this camera (Camera 3A) could be inside the back door of the Heritage Centre on one of the ceiling beams, if this is more acceptable to the Parish Council. Mr. Coleman stated that none of the cameras would overlook any residential property.

Mr. Coleman gave an undertaking that the installation if installed would fully comply with the CCTV Code of Practice.

297.17 Apologies for absence

Cllrs. David Clifford (out of the village) & Chris Shirley-Smith (out of the village)

298.17 Disclosure of Interests

Cllrs. Acton and Oatway disclosed that they were Council appointed Trustees of Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre. Cllr. Sayers disclosed that he was a volunteer at the Heritage Coast Centre.

299.17 CCTV Installation within the Heritage Centre.

The Council discussed various aspects of the proposal and the reasons why the Trustees considered it necessary to install the CCTV system and other crime prevention measures. Various members had concerns about the proposed location of Camera 3 as the Code of Practice states that camera should be positioned to avoid capturing images of persons not visiting the premises. It was proposed by Cllr. Sayers and seconded by Cllr. Fellingham and unanimously agreed that:

The Parish Council resolved that the installation of cameras that produce images from internal parts of the Heritage Centre, as detailed in the submission from the Trustees of the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre (using Camera 3A and not Camera 3 in their proposal, is authorised on the proviso that, the CCTV installation is operated in compliance with the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner's CCTV Code of Practice.